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I'm writing a book. It's about my family's and America's history up to the present day and how they have impacted me. I am inside writing, both figuratively and physically. Today is a beautiful Spring Sunday in Birmingham and I needed a break! I put on my ipod, walking shoes and opted for your recent podcast with jon Kabat-Zinn. While being attached to a ipod may be contradictory to the possibility of mindfulness, it felt to me like an opening of my mind. When I went to the doctor recently and discovered I had high blood pressure, I freaked out and have been attempting to resurrect the things I know are good for keeping balance.Stress has been a major factor in the rise. When Mr. Kabat-Zinn said something about the definition of heart and mind being the same in some Asian language, I realized my cluttered mind was similar to the cluttered arteries and with cleansing and tending, both would benefit. So much of his talk with you, The Spaciousness of our minds being the place for creativity, the lovely quotes from Thoreau, and the poem at the end, all seemed pertinent to my journey. To stop, like he said we all will, breath, come to my senses, was just what I needed today, this day, this moment, so I can continue with my book. He guided me to remember how important it is to stay aware of the simplicity and beauty of this present moment and not lose myself in my ancestor's past lives.