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As soon as I noticed that Speaking of Faith had made a programme with Jon Kabat-Zinn, I could wait to listen to it! Probably my last favorite programme was the Krista's interview with Thich Nhat Hanh, and I feel this interview was in the same league - simple yet challenging and 'life changing'.

My journey has been been a search for deepen meaning and desire to taste each moment in life more vividly. It began over ten years ago when I saw a poster about meditation in a London Underground. I soon discovered that my calling, the job I was born to do, was to teach meditation. They say we teach what we really need to learn, so perhaps it was a desire to practice mindfulness that prompted me to look for ways to teach it. For eight years I taught in a unique school in south west London where the children practice meditation every day. Then, having discovered the simplicity, beauty and depth of the 8 week mindfulness based stress reduction course, I developed an organisation so that I could teach mindfulness to others called Learn Mindfulness ( I now feel I have a way of sharing the essence of meditation without all the ritual, dogma and false expectations that can sometimes get in the way. It is an honor to share the practice of mindfulness with another human being, and reflect together on its value in our lives together. It is particularly touching to see those suffering with physical or emotional pain to find that the mindfulness practice is healing and uplifting in a gradual yet tremendously powerful way.

Thank you so much to all those that were involved in the production of the program.

May the benefits of mindfulness be enjoyed by you, and those you work and live with.