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Krista and Jon's conversation was like a duet. I felt privy to a piece of lovely music, voices softly exploring the essence of what it means to be human, to be in the world in this time and in anytime. Our challenges, our children's challenges, were looked at in a real way, not sugar-coated, yet the conversation left me feeling hopeful. Such a good point Jon made that we will need to learn from our children (as they make their way in a world that I think will become somewhat foreign to us). The poetry that ended their conversation... tying art and science, body and mind, mind and heart, us and the world together...brought tears to my eyes.

I am a counselor at a community college and have facilitated a stress management class for the past 10 years or so, in Flint, Michigan, and other sites in the surrounding county. As you can imagine, this is an environment where the stress experienced by my students is often extreme. They tend to be very grateful and apply many of the strategies we practice in class, including yoga and meditation, to their daily lives. Thank you for a program that inspired me and reinforces me in what I do.