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this show reminded me much i loved this program. thank you krista and team. thank you lilly foundation and others who make it possible!

His practical approach that includes leaving the Buddhist guru baggage or even the word spiritual behind and seeing raising children as little Zen Buddhists parachuted down, this approach reverberates like jello.

if i could get my usb ports to work i could show the glory of this massive ice storm. The storm has pounced us for two days and i finally checked the weather only to laugh at how silly it is they talk about it. if they say their is a shortage of milk, they have to show you a milk clip, then a bread clip then one guy in the emergency room who slipped on the ice and hurt his head.

But the beauty made my wife risk waking me up a 1am and to come out side to see how completely unusual and unique it was to see this super high gloss everywhere. My mundane neighborhood looked like a beautiful dream. Each garage light and street light sprawled as if the whole place where floating in white water.

I am so glad she was aware that I would not have wanted to miss this for all the cozy warm sleep in the world.

ah and his thoughts about the unknown known and the known known were fresh takes i really needed to hear. Especially his honesty about our real status about the known known.

i will try to upload the pictures from another computer later.

keep up the great work.