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I live in a wilderness area, where we do not have access to technology beyond a land-line telephone and dial-up internet. We are exposed to the elements of weather, animals, plants, and natural land formations. At night, the sky is so dark, the constellations are easy to view, and when the moon is full, we walk the land. Every sunrise, and every sunset is breathtakingly beautiful w/intense lighting that hits the desert mountains. Given this backdrop, I have made the space in my mind to become a Human Being (versus a Human Doing).

I loved how Jon spoke of living, where we can live mindfully as we go through our life instead of running towards death. For myself, each moment I live mindfully, I am aware of the finiteness of my "life". This process simply makes me smile and remember. I have taken this time during our economic downturn to use my time to get healthy, calm, feel joy, as well as providing compassionate care to my family and friends whom are suffering from illness, poverty, loneliness.