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Learning mindfulness made come into terms with life as it is.

Suffering made the opening to this: It was only after suffering and realizing that no matter what I wanted , things were the way it were , only then I grasped that idea that there may be another way to live.
Accepting that there were possibilities outside my ingrained thoughts of what things should be.
Then is the journey, immersing into it and DISCOVER possibilities for me, customized to my life in a way that nothing else would be able to. Those discovering were important to me and made me feel OK with things as they were. The experience of feeling better when nothing is different and not “fixed” changed my personal paradigm.

Then I realized another important part: accepting things as they are, being OK with my self and my conditions made people around me feel better.

Nothing is magic, you need to sit and see what happen, no expectations, put the effort everyday in the middle of that uncertainty. It is then and only then when you just sit that you start getting understanding.