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I was working as production manager for Naropa University the year that Meredith taught a class to the MFA theatre students and which she and her performed. How fortunate they must have felt during that week. As production manager I was able to witnesss two rehearsals and two actual performances. During the first rehearsal during a particular piece I found myself weeping from this very deep place. I dismissed it. The second rehearsal brought the same reaction. Now, I'm taking notice. I could not understand where the deep tears I shed were coming from. But when it happened two more times during the performance, I knew she had hit such a primal place in my heart and was so grateful for the power that Meredith's work had on me. What an experience. She is such a wonderful human being and for those of us fortunate enough to be in her presence is truly a gift for those of us who have the opportunity to witness her.