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God is truly Omni-present. Ms. Wangari Maathai is a manifestation of God’s presence even in Kenya.
Many things struck me while listening to this interview but one that really stands out is how so much seems to depend on what appears to be a perfectly natural and sensible question “What is in it for me?” It therefore seems to make sense to devise solutions to issues like environmental protection that always give us something in return and of course we prefer that payback be immediate rather than later. Why pursue alternative renewable energy sources when gas is cheaper? Everything must make financial sense as if our financial savings from destroying the environment is going to matter if the air is polluted or we run out of water.

I believe that for people to want something back is in our nature but the good news is we can be taught to be selfless, to serve and give without expecting immediate benefits. People like Ms. Wangari and many others make sacrifices that bring great benefits to the world. Ms. Wangari notes the effect of catholic nuns, the civil rights movement in the 60s on her own life - we “are a product of the society you belong to”. This shows how interconnected we all are and how no good act is inconsequential or insignificant. Another thing that Ms. Wangari said that is a source of hope is that we all have a level of consciousness and morality – a little voice that reminds us of what is right. Though we should never leave it to those who destroy the environment to change and do the right thing when they are ready, we know there is always hope if only we can get them to listen to the little voice within them.