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As a very small child growing up in Bloomington, Indiana, my most favorite thing to do was to spend time nestled among the flora and fauna of Bradford Woods...and various woodscapes near the married-student housing where my parents attended Indiana University. Just as Ms. Maathai, I too believe that trees are holy places--as a child, I believed that they actually spoke amongst themselves and sometimes whispered to me. Swaying in the wind, the trees were neighborhoods and communities in the sky.

It broke my heart to learn that the fig trees were destroyed as a way to turn the African tribes people toward Christianity...and the subsequent erosion problems. Everything on this planet exists for a reason, whether it's clear to us or not.

I've just added Mt. Kenya to my list of places to visit before I die. If the Kekuyu believe that God lives on Mt. Kenya...then so do I! I'm so glad I tuned into SOF and Krista Sunday morning.