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I listened to this story and was renewed in my own personal desire to do what I can to take care of the earth in my own corner of the world. Up to now, this has been through recycling at home, encouraging my grandson to recognize and recycle, and doing some of it in my classroom. The stirrings I have to do more through expanding recycling at the high school where I work and seeing it as a longterm vision vs. a one-semester, or one-year project were "stirred to flame" if you will. I see the value and importance of teaching this as a value, of loving our world, vs. an activity, a one-time action. Everytime we recycle, we pick up a piece of trash, we express an act of love to God, a co-sharing of the care of His creative and divine work. I also think that when we begin to see our earth, our everyday environment as sacred, we will begin to see the people around us, the marginalized and unvalued, the immigrant, the unborn, people with disabilities, women, as sacred. My Catholic faith was inspired by her take on the readings of the prophet Isaiah, her insight about the need to teach people or they would perish, how people know they are doing wrong when they use resources for their gain for self-wealth. I liked your comment about planting a tree being an action of ecological civil disobedience.

I usually awake to the alarm at 6 am with your Sunday program. I enjoy starting my Sunday by lying in bed, hearing the conversations, reflecting upon them, on God on God's day. Thank you.