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I want to comment on the interview of Wangari Matthai, whose eloquent words about the environment, the need to preserve, conserve, and protect, as a total priority rings so true, and so urgently today.

She said, for her, God is deeply on the mountain, and mentioned Mt. Kenya. This is so echoic of Moses on the mountain, the story of the Exodus, of Mt. Sinai, the Ten Commandments. I have to say this. And it is for all mountains that we climb daily, as we go about our often very difficult lives, encountering such inexpressible sorrows along the way, stories we never knew we would have to face, and in so facing, ask deep and deepening questions about God, spirituality, and our relationship to a Divine essence, within, and without.

It is a very modern feeling, certainly spoken by Kabbalists today, those mystics, of Judaism and beyond, that we are all of us, parts of the Divine, and that to divine this, perhaps takes a profound journey of soul. It does seem empathy is the key, and that we all of us have varying degrees of ruah, or soul, that breathless stuff, that makes us all take notice, that here is someone who really feels, at the deepest possible levels, for all mankind, for all that breathes and walks the earth, including the inanimate.

I will say this is The journey, and some are further along Jacob's ladder in making this journey than others.

We must take the mandate, the man date, as being love, and the compass as being compassion, and move forward together to make of this world, a glowing place, of dignity and hope for all. it's not hard when we consider a story, that brought us all to this place at this time. It seems so obvious that working for love, is the greatest of all joys. So then, why this divisiveness, when there is this vision, as promulgated by so many of Krista's beautiful interviewees.

Maybe, just maybe, it is God speaking when we hear words of love, and it is God also speaking the other words, which we must learn to disregard, because God is playing, a game of What's My Line?

Join me, in saying, it's about time to make that leap. And we can all of us, Jump the Gap!

very few, if any pay any attention to my writing, and I am all over the WEB because I do it, for love.