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I am a Christian and hope to communicate to fellow believers how conservation is a holy thing far beyond just being something that is right to do. As I have brought environmental conscious into my life and my practices, it has brought me closer to God and a happier life. I began conserving, just to save money. But, as I encorporated more of these practices into my life, I became aware of how they affected me spiritually. I was becoming more in tune with the most basic of gifts that God has given us, and also the most essential gifts. These were calls to thanksgiving for things I typically take for granted, because in our society they are so easy to acquire. As I listened to Maathai's story I felt such a kinship, in that she was not just doing it out of moral obligation, but chasing after spiritual fulfillment. In the same way that sabbath, prayer, and fasting bring us deeper spiriutally, I think that conserving creation and taking part in its recreation are acts that bring us closer to our creator.