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I went to study in Kenya in 1995 through a program called Friends World. There were 20 of us living on a co-operative coffee farm in Machakos just 45 min south of Nairobi. We studied Ki- Swahili with Kenyan teachers and were introduced to to the land, people, cultures, history and politics of this rich diverse country. it changed my life forever, my biggest regret is that I did not meet Wangari Maathai at that time, and that I did not seize the moment to work with her Green Belt Movement. As students living there for a year, we each chose a project and area of study where we interned and immersed ourselves in something that was important and hopefully vital. What could be more important then this work that Wangari Maathai engaged in and lived for despite all odds. In her honor I am planting 7 trees and linking hands with movers and shakers who are walking there talk here in NY and globally. Thank you for airing this show again, it has moved me so and given me just the kind of nudge needed to act now and not regret what was not done in the past. There is nothing greater in this world then this work, so simple and yes so complex. Thank you Wangari Maathai!

I am submitting a picture of my class in Kenya planting a tree at a local public school.