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I was fortunate to have had parents, who despite their ancestral hard-wiring for hard work (Dutch-German), loved to play and sing and encouraged me to play. Their strongest encouragement for play, came in the form of music lessons from age five on the home spinet organ. From there I took coronet lessons in grade school and played and marched in the St. Therese Cathlic Grade School band. Then, with some hesitation on my father's part (it was the '60's after all), I received a guitar for Christmas; a SEARS guitar, top of the line, ordered from the catalog and almost $50! I could have it, but only with the promise that I not stop playing the organ. Deal! Fifty years later, I am still playing; organ, guitar, banjo, wash-tub bass, and a myriad of percussion instruments. Now I am doing that on a weekly basis at a local coffee house, leading a sing-a-long for kids; MUSIC FOR MUNCHKINS WITH GRANNY GOOCH. This is "just what the doctor ordered" as the saying goes as four months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am lucky and knew that I had to do something with this "gift of time" and love of play...thus arrived GRANNY GOOCH AND MUSIC FOR MUNCHKINS. For an hour I am singing and playing songs with kids between the ages of 3 and 8 years of age. We are having a blast. Playing, through music, has been my anchor as well as my sail, as I course through this life. It has carried me through the roughest of seas and shored me up when I wasn't sure I could go on. It has also kept me bouyant and light and free and full of "espirtus", breath, life. Emmy Lou Harris sings a song, SAILING THROUGH THE ROOM. It is about dying but it is so beautifully written, telling the story of how life goes on by being a part of "magnolias on the Mississippi" or "sands of the Kalhari"..and in music and song. I have requested that this song be played at my funeral. I hope someone says, "May she PLAY in peace!"