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My son and I are in an argument over what play is. We often both call to eachother "play with me" with our voices and our hearts, wanting to engage in different activities together.

I loved Lego when I was little, and when I have a moment, I still occasionally like thinking up something imaginative with the little blocks, but that's probably once every few weeks or so. He plays Lego for hours daily, says it is a good way to relieve tension. I want to commune with him playfully, but when I have a filthy kitchen, no funding after a couple months, and want to make reservations for when we travel in a few weeks, I do not enjoy sitting there and don't want to loose myself in it.

Now that he is 6 and the daily chores with him are slowing down, I want to get back to things I enjoyed before he was born--cooking savory food, growing things in the garden, perhaps going dancing once in a while. He sometimes likes finding the worms, but generally isn't interested in this stuff. Someday I hope to find a tennis partner, a soccer team, and/or a swim team again, but I hate the thought of him feeling cut out of my life. He has recently begun riding a bike, and we love going for long (5-10km) tours together--thank goodness!