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I am a 47 yr old man with a degree in business and a Mortgage Banker. This link was forwarded to me by a new freind who just recently earned her doctoate in recreation. That path never occured to me. I am so impressed and inspired. I come from a family of hard working smart over acheivers and most did not take any time out to truly play. My mother reflected on this and did tell me make sure you take time out to play. I feel the world needs more recreation and that mindset could solve some of the worlds problems. I have been reflecting on my past and future. I have been ruminating on ways to share my insights and also become aware of new ways to play. I am striving to be an expert on play. I try to think outside the box and pack as much fun into a day and still earn a living. Example of a good day to me. Start day with a little work. Check and return calls and emails. Then go water skiing for an hour. Few more calls and emails. Go wake boarding for an hour or so. Few more calls and emails. Surf behind the boat without a rope (a sport we thought we invented). Few more calls and emails. Go mountainbiking. Work again for a few minutes. Go to river and kayak. Maybe work some more. Have nice dinner. Go golf when most people dont go 30 minutes before sunset and quickly play say 7 holes. Another good time to golf is at 530 in morning before everybody else goes out. I pride myself in being a person with varied interests. In between
these events while waiting I may fish. In winter I want to ski every powder day even if it is for only for first two hours of the day and then go to work and then hopefully ice skate and indoor climb or snow shoe. Kite skiing is also a great new sport. I am allways looking for new ways to recreate and cross train. I am also not in tip top shape. I live on the lake now but in the past when I didnt I just looked for people with boats that needed someone to play with. I have a lot more to share. My mind set in my life has allways been to look around at what others are doing and see if anyone is having more fun than me and if so investigate, emulate and participate. I also have a long life list of things I want to do. I have crossed a lot of things off as accomplished but the list keeps growing. I am looking for a forum to share my insights and also learn new ways to enjoy life. Would really be interested in any feedback from anyone who I might of inspired or at least intrigued. Do I publish a book? Do I start website? Could I make a living? These are a few of my questions. I hope someone gets something out of this post.
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