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Over the years, play has changed in a few ways. First of all, when I was younger, my forms of play consisted mostly of imaginary or made up games. It was always more fun to play with friends because they could bring their own ideas of what to do. Nowadays, I can only play when I have time, which is very rare. Most of my play is alone or with my dog because it is hard to find friends with the same schedule that have time to play when I do. Unfortunately, play is not as much fun as it used to be due to the lack of time.
In my earlier years, I used to create clubs (mostly in the woods) that most likely shaped me into the creative person I am today. Also, I used to get out all my mother’s pots and pans and produce music, which lead me to play an instrument once I reached high school. Today, I love to build things and put things together. I believe this might have come from my passion when I was younger to build tents in my house and play with link-in-logs.
Without play, I think I would be very stressed out. Play gives me a chance to relax and ponder on things without all the stress of everyday life. It is wonderful to have time to myself to have fun and do the things that I love doing. It helps me accomplish tasks throughout the day when I know that I will have time to play at the end. Overall, play has given me the tools to believe in others, be fair and understanding, and work out any dilemmas I might have.