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The course of play has changed greatly since I was a kid. When I was younger all the kids would either play candy land, hop scotch, four square, and even jump rope. When I see kids playing hop scotch now a day it seems like it’s an ancient game. Everyone knows the game of Candy land, but it’s just not as popular as it used to be. When I was in elementary school I was on a jump rope team, when I hit middle school they decided to get rid of the program because no one was interested in it anymore.

I have one younger brother and a younger sister, and their types of play usually consist of going swimming, being on a dance team, and sometimes just playing a game of cards. When I tell my sister to go and play hop scotch or four square she looks at me like I am crazy, and says “no body does that anymore.”

I do not have any certain memories that I can think of that has shaped who I am today, but I do believe by being involved in many different types of play when I was younger has made me more active today, and has even helped me in deciding what I want to be. I believe it helped me in joining different types of sports and trying new things, and since I have played sports, I absolutely love it, and I am now majoring in Physical Education.