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1. The forms of play have changed over the course of my lifetime by many different means. I remember playing tee ball when I was very young. My coach seemed to have a serious competitive drive but of course I was in it for the play aspect. I was a small child not looking for serious competition. As I grew older I got into cross country and track, and my play aspect morphed to sport. I was no longer running for fun, I was actually looking for serious competition. I trained and trained and became a well balanced runner. After high school was over and now that I’m in college I am in my leisure form of play. I only run when I feel the urge to, or lift weights when I want, which is usually 3 times a week anyways. I still keep my competitive drive inside where my sport aspect is, but I don’t need to be like that anymore since I’m not in a sport anymore.

2. Yes, I do recollect certain memories from my cross country and track days. I recall my coach always pushing me to my ability to do my best. When I have a son, or if I become a coach, I will do the same to my athletes. I will never push them to the point of injury, but I will always push them to their ability and beyond.

3. Play has changed the course of my life to the point now that I can play a game or run a race and not have a serious competitive drive. I learned from my sport days that there is a time for pushing yourself, but I am past that point now. I run and lift weights for fun now as my leisure. I no longer have the sport aspect anymore and I’m perfectly fine with that.