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I am the Executive Director of the Center for the Theology of Childhood and an international movement called Godly Play. The Center is newly located at the Church of Our Saviour in San Gabriel, California. Godly Play is spreading all over the world as people of many denominations and traditions recover the spiritual practice of play.

Our founder, The Rev. Jerome W. Berryman is an Episcopal Priest who has recently retired from over forty years of playing. Of course, he is still playing as he continues his work of creating, lecturing and writing. He has invited many thousands of people into the divine play of grace and taught me new ways to play.

Through sacred stories, parables, liturgical actions and wondering we engage children of all ages in play. You can learn more at

On a personal note, my own childhood was always filled with play and as an adult, I have brought that spirit of play into my work as a priest in the Episcopal Church. I get to prepare a feast every Sunday and tell stories and sing songs. It is a life filled with wonder.

Thank you for this amazing broadcast.