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I believe play has become more certain and predictable as parents decide that their children must have a set schedule all day long, as compared to when I was a child. When I was younger, during the summer, I was outside all day playing different games with my friends or going to the swimming pool. My schedule was whatever game we wanted to play at the time. On the rare occasion I went to summer camp we had outdoor activities like playing in the creek or big games of hide and seek in the woods.
Now as a summer camp counselor, my boss has a set schedule for the campers that includes an hour in the library (playing games on the computer) and sit down games that the campers play before they get picked up by parents. I understand why there is an obesity epidemic in the United States now, children aren’t exercising. As a counselor I have to argue with campers just to go outside let alone play at the local park we go to. This is a total shock to me, children now have become so used to playstation, xbox, television and air conditioning that if they are deprived of any of those they can’t function correctly.
I know that playing pick up games of football with my friends at my local park as a kid help shape me into the person I am now. Without that I would have never got a football scholarship my freshman year of college where I met many of my friends and decided my career goal. I want to teach physical education and health as well as coach high school football and/or be a personal trainer.
Play has affected my life because it has always been something I like to do. I am an active person and play is a way I can cope with my extra energy. Play helped me choose my career goals because it is what I believe most strongly in and what interests me most.