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Danny Harris

1) Growing up play has changed many different ways and it’s changed the way I’ve looked at sports also. I remember when I was about 10 my friends and I would spend 8-10hrs a day in the pool during the summer time. We would always think its fun to have speed races and who could hold their breath the longest under water. We would always get a group of friends together and play homerun derby or get together and play basketball outside of someone’s house. As we started to get older that friendly play wasn’t there anymore. What I mean by this is that, becoming older and playing that same things was fun still but it had more of a spot on winning the game or winning the race. We really didn’t just go out to “play” it was always “ try your best and win”. Now in adulthood its not the same activities as it used to be but, my friends an I like to go out an play a little golf or do things at our leisure that isn’t very big competition. You cant get me wrong, there’s still competition out there but as your growing up you hit different stages in your life and the source of play starts off easy goes to hard but, when you become older you want to “play” again!

2) I don’t really remember many things that you could say shaped me as the person I am today but I felt that playing youth wrestling shaped me into a better child. Growing up I had two older brothers that wrestled and my dad was one of the coaches well, I thought it’d be cool to wrestle so I did. When I first started wrestling I was 6 years old and about 50lbs. I was the smallest kid on the team, but I loved to do it and get out on the mat and wrestle people. As much as wrestling is a sport I loved doing it and loved being on the team. Even though I was never allowed by league rules to actually have a match against another team I loved practicing with the team and going on road trips. When I became older I started to wrestle for team and indv. Pride and that’s when it became a sport. After 14 years of wresting I finally was burnt out and couldn’t do it anymore. I think wrestling that early helped be gain values and I was able to look up to the older boys on the team. It defiantly has shaped me into who I am today.

3) I think play has changed my approach to life because when I “play” I am able to just let loose and do the things I want and really not care about things. I feel that when im competing im more stressed out. Play has made me realize that everything should be taken with a grain of salt. It has made my life approach easier.