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Good Morning Everyone,

I enjoyed the broadcast immensely. It gave me pause for thought as I was still lying in bed with our family pet at my side. What was missing for me was the coverage of the role of our fur-friends (cats, dogs, etc.) when our peers aren't available to play (in childhood or adulthood).

For the most part, play has been a part of my life as a reward AFTER the work is complete. It was not an entitlement as a child. And, no, I didn't grow up on a farm. (Jacksonville, Florida suburbs. Working parents. Much older child to one very sweet kid brother).

All too quickly approaching 60 now, I include daily play with our family pet, Annie Beagle Girl, and have made inroads to building relationships with my very young and more senior neighborhood friends. I tend to be attracted to friendships where pets are considered a member of the family.

Thank you again. It was a wonderful way to start my day.

Gotta' run ... mow the lawn and pick up our daughter from playing volleyball. Then, I get to take that long walk with Annie around the neighborhood.

I am truly inspired to include more play in all aspects of my life. Thank you, again, for the insight.



PS - Annie and her two black lab friends, Jas(mine) and Maggie(Magnolia) are a fairly common site in our aviation business offices and private terminal.