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Hi, My story is about a parent group I facilitated years ago that morphed from a more traditional parenting program into an Adult Play Group. Based on the needs of parents who told me that they had never played as children (and were therefore having difficulty playing with their kids), the group was based on the idea that children's needs are met by parents whose needs are met. All this based around the concept of play led to the glorious experience of adults coming together every week to play (just for the sake of play). Inside the adult play room there was a swing, a sandbox, an easel, a cozy booknook with both adult and children's literature, a sciencing table, a block corner, and an art table. Inside what became our sacred play space we played to our hearts' content. We read stories together, ate cookies and milk, took turns on the swing and engaged in deeply satisfying play. The group was a huge success and led to the parents being able to understand the importance of play, as well as to their being able to play more with their children. I wrote my Masters thesis on the experience if anyone would like to see it. What the parents had to say about the experience of adult play was absolutely wonderful. It changed their lives (and mine too) in very important and transformative ways.