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1. From what I remember, when I was a kid, I would always want to go outside and run around, get dirty, and have fun. We used to play tag, man hunt, football in the street, and street hockey. We would do what ever we could to be out of the house. The worst days were rainy days. During the summer I would be outside by 9 am and ride my bike to the park and meet up with all the neighborhood kids. We had the most fun playing silly games that we made up. Today, it seems the kids do not like being outside. They would rather sit indoors and play video games or watch TV. Of course the video games now days are a lot better than they were 15 years ago. I have a 12 year old brother, and he would rather play video games than be outside. Now he does play three organized sports, but him and his friends do not go outside and just “play.” Even though I see video games as a form of play, it is different from how I used to play as a kid.

2. I think when I would play as a kid, developed me into a tougher and more competitive person. By being outside all day, it was inevitable that I would get hurt. Little bumps and bruises did not make me want to go inside. I think that has carried over to my adult life. When there is something trying to slow me down in my everyday life, I have the strength and will power to fight through it. By being more competitive helps me strive for perfection in my adult life, which will lead to success. I hated losing no matter what we would play. I hated being tagged or found in man hunt. I would always continue to get better and I think that reflects in my everyday activities. Also, since I was real active as a kid, I think that help me in my adult life, stay active. Playing as a kid was the stepping stones for me to living a healthy lifestyle as an adult. Now days I hate sitting around playing video games or watching TV. I like being outside. I like playing wiffle ball with my brother among other things. This all started when I was a child.

3. Play has taught me not to take life so serious. You have to know how to play if you want to survive in this world. Even though I was/am really competitive, I never lost focus of the fact that I was having fun. After a long day of school and work, I come home and play wiffle ball with my brother or toss football. I need to unwind and be that little kid I used to be, even if it is only a few hours a day. Play has taught me that no matter how hard life gets, that you must have fun and not forget how to just “play.”