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For as long as I can remember, play has been a part of my life. At young ages (6 or 7), I can remember playing outside until my mom would make me come inside. Whether it was tag, hide and seek, kick ball on the corner, or football down in the field, I was always outside playing. I think my favorite game as a young child had to be kickball. The games my friends and I played when we were young were very unorganized, however. Everyone knew the basic rules, but they weren’t paid attention to very well. We were just happy to be outside running around. As we got older, though, games became more serious and competitive. Rules were strictly enforced, losing wasn’t an option and fights even broke out sometimes. I think this was a good thing as well as a bad thing. It was a good thing in the sense that it gave me a competitive edge and a hunger to be the best I could be. On the other hand, some of the fun was taken out of the games because they were so serious.
One thing I can distinctly remember about my play was that I was a very bad loser. I hated it! I could not stand it when I’d lose, even if it was in a pointless game of hide and seek. I think that desire to win has followed me throughout my life. Once I was old enough to realize and learn about things such as weight training, supplements, and eating right I did everything I could to be my best at whatever I was playing. From high school football to pick-up games of basketball, I wanted to be the best I could be. Hard work and dedication is definitely a positive trait that I know I have and that I feel I’ve gained through play. I’ve never been the biggest or fastest or strongest guy, but I’ve always been a hard worker at everything I do. Not just in sports or play, but also in things such as school or work. I always strive to do my best and will work hard to reach my maximum potential.
I couldn’t imagine not having play as a part of my life. It has been with me for so long that I couldn’t even begin to think about how I would be without it. I feel it has definitely been a big part of me being where I am today. A Physical Education major in my second year of college and always willing to work hard. Without play being a huge roll in my life, who knows where I’d be or what I’d be majoring in these days. All in all I know that play has helped shape the course of my life in many aspects.