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In the course of my lifetime play has changed a great deal. When I was in grade school video games were just starting to become the big thing. Kids stopped playing outside as much and worried more about getting to the next level in there favorite video game. Even after I received my first Nintendo System I still wanted to play outside more than the video game. I enjoyed playing in the woods, playing all the sports you could, and doing things like riding bikes. Today it seems like kids play Nintendo Wii and think is exercise. When I was younger it seemed as if I was always outside, and it we had to use our imagination when we played. We used ghost runners when we played baseball and also played Pickle. Most kids now don't even know what a ghost runner or pickle is. I think kids today need to be more creative when they play.

I remember when I used to play sports for fun or in a league I always wanted to be the best so I could impress the girls. I think that carried over to my everyday life. Now I don't need to impress any girls but I still feel the need to be the best in everything I do. I have realized that when you try your best and do your told to do it can take you a long way in life. Play also taught me that I like to be the leader. I'm not a person who likes to follow, I would much rather be leading and directing people. It helped me to be able to think and react in pressure situations. It helped me to take control of situations when I feel the need too.

Play has changed my life by helping me find out who I am in many different ways. It helps me find my strengths and my weaknesses. It has helped me to meet me in many different situations. It has also helped me physically by helping me stay in shape and to stay healthy. I still love getting together with friends to play basketball, baseball, and football. I also feel the need to go to the gym to stay in shape so I can continue to play the sports I enjoy. It has also changed my approach in life by making me a more competitive person and always wanting to win and be the best.