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Play has been something that I have been doing my entire life. It has helped shape me into the person that I am today mentally and physically. Although it has always been around it hasn’t always been the same. Early in my life it was less complicated, and came easy to me. It was almost natural to just pick up on anything and turn it into a game. I guess it is easy when we are younger because we have a lot more time on our hands; we almost don’t even look at it as playing but as everyday activities. Yet as I got older play started to become more serious. Competition came into playing and at sometimes the fun was taken out of it. There were almost two different forms of play in my life. One was when I with my team, and the other was just having leisure time in between all of my activities.
Play has made me the person that I am today I guess because I have a passion for it. I have always played sports throughout my life, so that’s mainly where all my memories come from. I think that being an active person has made me who I am today. One memory that formed my personality would have to be being the captain of my football team in high school. It made me more responsible and let me know that people are depending on me everyday. Just the fact that I was part of a team makes me feel now that I am easy to get along with. Play brought me together with all kinds of different people and helped me learn new things. All together play changed the coarse of my life because it made me want to go into the field of study that deals with play everyday. Its something that I enjoy to do, and it will never go away. That’s why I am currently a physical education major. Play is something that has formed us into the people we are today whether we know it or not.