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Like most children play was a central part of my life. From physical games, to card games, to imaginary games I loved to play. When I was very young I was shy, the imaginary word is where I found my refugee. As I grew in age and maturity I challenged myself to participate in more social play. Tag, pickle, kickball, and dodge ball were favorites among my friends and I. We played because we loved to be together not because we were competing for a title or prize. But as we grew older the spirit of competition would manifest itself. The competitive nature that our play was adopting intimidated my shy disposition. Slowly I participated less and less in play with my friends.
When I was in seventh grade I was introduced to the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. I had participated in sports such as soccer, and basketball but they had never awakened my competitive spirit or a love for the game. Ultimate became an inseparable part of my life. I thrived in its athletic component and was productively challenged by the skills it required. As I became more confident on the field and more comfortable with my teammates and opponents I began to brake from my introverted nature. Participating in a sport on a competitive level has given me the confidence to explore avenues of life which I never would have ventured down otherwise. I now enjoy participating in many sports, and am seeking a Degree in fitness and recreation. Play and it evolution throughout my life as had an invaluable effect on who I am today and who I am striving to be tomorrow.