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To me, the forms of play have not really changed over the course of my lifetime. Back in my adolescent years, I would call my friend or my friend would call me and ask the simple question, “Do you want to come over and play?” Play what, we did not know. Play could have been shooting baskets outside, playing video games, going to the creek or riding bikes. We had so many different forms of play to experience. More friends meant more fun. Bike races, baseball games, and capture the flag were very popular. When I drive through neighborhoods, there are always kids running wildly in the yards. It just brings a smile to my face. The more kids play, the better off they will be. Kids experience so much when they are young. How one acts a child will most likely be how they will act when they are grown up. This is how it turned out for me. I usually took charge and decided the game or activity that was approved by my peers and we all had great times together.
Certain memories of my childhood years will always be with me. A game of capture the flag at night will never abscond my memory. It was getting late so we had to cancel the rules and each team would go look for the opponents flag. We started walking and I thought to myself, if I was on this team where would I hide my flag? I found the flag in a couple of minutes in the back under a fallen tree. That is how I am today. When faced with a difficult task, I pretend that I already know the answer. My Biology teacher in high school would ask someone a question and if the person said they did not know the answer, he would then ask, “Well if you did know, what would it be?” That got the student to think even harder. It sounds very easy and simple but it actually does work.
Play has changed the course my approach to life by making me who I am today. When it comes to play, one has to take charge and decide what to do for that afternoon or evening. The one in charge has to be intelligent and also he needs to be a good listener. A good leader needs to listen more to his friends (or subordinates) if they want to be successful. When it comes to group projects, I usually am the one who takes charge. For our softball teams, I ended up coaching and taking charge of the team making lineups and getting enough players for each game. I enjoy being in charge and it all started when I was young. Not everyone should take charge, however. Yes, it is always good to be a leader but there is only a leader when there are followers. Some people enjoy being followers and there is nothing wrong with that. More often than not, the followers are the most important part of a group or a clique. They are the ones performing the task given by the leader and need to be just as intelligent as their superior.