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1.) The different forms of play have been evolving for many years in multiple ways especially in my lifetime. When I was younger with little to no responsibilities my play time was much different than it is now in college. For instance I never worried about how much time I had to play or where I was going to play. I simply knew dinner and dark were the only times that I had to return to home. As I grew older and entered middle school my play mainly consisted of sports, other friend’s houses, and other social activities. By this age my time to play was not nearly as limited as it is now, and was about equal to when I was younger. Once I entered high school a lot of my free time to play was taken away by homework, sports, work, etc.

Age has changed my play in many different ways especially since playing has always been a big part of my life. Mostly responsibilities have changed and limited my play. Currently my play consists of multiple different sports such as basketball, and occasionally softball as well as relaxing, partying, girls, and friends. I find myself searching for time to play as much as possible where as when I was younger I had all the time in the world to play. Many people consider playing a weakness but I feel as if playing develops strong character in everyone.

2.) I most certainly recollect many of my memories of playing that shape or explain the person I am currently. The ones I can’t remember are most possibly remembered by others or visually seen with a picture. Being that play is definitely one of my favorite aspect of life it shows exactly who I am. Memories with sports explain my competitive attributes such as intense tournaments or even a 3 on 3 game of basketball in the backyard. When I was younger my time of play was almost always spent outside, and today I feel as if I admire being outdoors just as much as if I were a young boy again. My play memories not only attain to my desired career but they are what I would enjoy in a profession. Hopefully my memories and childhood history create a professional career that I will enjoy as well as make a respectable living off of. Personally I feel that my childhood memories reflect my current self multiple ways; I’ve always been a playful person. The playful side of me will never change no matter my age.

3.) Play has changed a lot of aspects of my life, especially what routes and decisions I would and did make in the past. Without play life would be a whole lot different for me, and most certainly not for the better. Play makes life worth living for, many people can’t stand their daily lives; the way they live, their careers, where they live, etc. But play itself can make life much easier to endure especially if you can find a lot of free time to be able to play within your daily schedule. Although I do know the difference in times where play is appropriate and when it is not I still always think about playing while I’m working. Playing itself is what I find most enjoyable in my life its changed a lot of decisions with careers, places I’ve been, and even those I speed my free time with.