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I´m from Spain, and as everybody knows in my country the main sport is soccer, so when I was a child I had to play soccer if I wanted to do something with my friends. But when I was 14 years old I changed my mind and I told my parents that I want to play basketball. For that, I had to take a bus every day during 18 miles to go to the near city and 18 to back to my village.

So, I think one of the most important things the sports inculcated me is the sacrifice spirit, for example, I knew that every day I had to do my homework early to catch the bus, I couln´t go out and spend all my time with my friends if wanted to play basket.

Another significant thing in my sport experience is the companionship. I think this is a very important feeling that you only can acquire if you are involve in some activity with other people.

That´s my thoughts and experience with the sport.