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In my opinion, life is play. Growing up I always loved playing games and instituting as much fun out of life as possible. Play ensures me of the ability to enjoy life to the max as long as I have fun while I play. The main change that has taken place with play has been the levels of competition and seriousness I have taken to play. With all the chaos in daily routine activities, play is one thing I make sure to fit in. Somehow I always feel better after I fit in just the perfect amount of time to challenge myself, better myself, and learn about myself.

While I was in my junior year of high school I was challenged by my high school gym teacher and a couple of my classmates to run a 10K race. I was no where close to being an athlete. My two friends who challenged me were all into sports. Both of them played two sports. I wasn’t a sports figure in any form while I was in high school, I did enjoy the rush I got from sprinting down the court to shoot a layup, I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment I felt when I endured a mile run in my goal time, and I enjoyed going to physical education class to continue keeping my body in good physical condition. These memories of my competitive connection to play then made me feel like I had accomplished something for myself that no one could accomplish for me. The way I felt after I finished the 10K at the same pace of my highly athletic friends couldn’t be replaced.

Play should always be fun. Looking back on play and remembering when it was the most fun, I see how important it is to make sure play is fun for everyone. Not only is it a good idea to have fun while you are playing sports, its good to have fun while you’re working, while you’re studying, and while you’re living. When you connect fun and play to life, life is fun like it should be. Running the 10K race was fun. Just one race wasn’t enough. I’m going for more races and longer races. I enjoy the form of play that involves self accomplishment. Running is a definate self accomplishment. Now, I hope to be a challenging physical educator just like mine was for me. Her influence made running a lifestyle for me.