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Early in my life time most of things my family and the general did for sport was make believe. Because I was born in 1986 and as I got older sport started to explode in the youth ranks. The age and grade to start playing an organized sport was getting younger. During this time also all sport was less and less more fun instead of for winning and money. Sport has shaped me to be very determined to do very well at what ever I put mine mind to. The reason I was born into a very competitive family. My father was a basketball coach at the high school level when I was born. I have Cerebral Palsy so no being able to play the sport myself has made me want to be a very competitive person has made me determined to learn and be able to teach the game of basketball as a coach. I figure I can be competitive as a coach instead of not being good enough to play the game myself. Play and sport has changed my life by making me want to succeed at what ever the task at hand is. I feel that play and sport has made me realize that I can do anything anybody else can do I just do it differently