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1. To me play has simply become more competitive, anything from kids playing kick ball to adults playing a game of corn hole, everything is for bragging rights no matter what the situation. I think we look at play as a way to show our peers what we are good at and use it as a way to show off a skills. Now other then bragging i do think that we use play as a reason to get friends together and enjoy each others company.

2. By nature (or so it seems) i am a competitive person and because of play i was able to grow up constantly comparing my skills to the people around me. To this day i am not a good loser and still try my hardest to be the best at whatever i do. I like knowing that someone wants to do things like i do

3. Life is to serious. Play helps take some of lifes pressures away. I look at play as something i do on the weekends or when i get off work. Its a reward for doing something i have to do. Play is my way of saying good job, now its time to relax and do something that i want to do.