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My "work" in the world is teaching a technique/philosophy called InterPlay. Using movement, storytelling, stillness and voice, InterPlay is a form that teaches adults how to create in the moment, how to bring spontinaity to their creativity, and how to bring playfulness into their everyday lives. InterPlay is a fun way for adults to learn how to play, because it is taught encremintaly with affirmation and enthusiasm. I was so excited listening to your broadcast on play, realizing that there is an Institution of Play, and hearing that viable connections are being made between spirituality and play. InterPlay is a spiritual practice that has given me and thousands of others a renewal of spirituality imbedded in our everyday lives, in our communities, in our familys.

If you are interested in more information you can go to, our web site. We are teaching InterPlay all over the US and in other countries. I am a local teacher who started teaching InterPlay here 15 years ago. There is now a large InterPlay community in the Twin Cities.

I am a UCC minister, graduate of UTS, and was a parrish pastor for 15 years. I now teach InterPlay full time. Besides teaching the basics of InterPlay, and offering classes for couples, I work with therapists, clergy/ chaplins, and other professionals facilitating personal, professional and spiritual growth with them and their clients/parrishioners using InterPlay.

Thank you for airing this program. I beleive the play is not a luxury, but a very important component for a healthy, full, and creative life.