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The forms of play have changed my life in many ways. Such ways include manners, responsibility, dependability, healthier, and a good way of showing me how to work with others as a team. Manners come a long way when entering college and life after college, because many professors expect their students to have respect for them and their classmates. Responsibility is also a great aspect to have when completing your degree as a college student, because the college student needs to be in class each day that it meets to make sure they have all the information needed to pass the class. Also, the student needs to responsible in turning in their work and studying for the appropriate materials in order to pass the class.
Recollecting certain memories of play that has shaped me to the person I am today, is a daily ritual for me. I remember the long practices and meets that we had to stay on the ball for the whole swim meet. We had to be there for our team, win or loose. We also had to be there cheering for the other swimmers, even when it wasn’t our event to swim, because we were a team and a team sticks together for everybody, thick or thin.
Play has changed the approach to my life in many ways. I see that now I act more of a adult than my peers due to playing sports. I am a much responsible person with values and morals that go a long way past my peers.