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Your interview with Stuart Brown was a terrific exploration of play. To my mind, it revealed the implications of bringing play into Education. As a National Institute of Play associate, Stuart may have mentioned to you the Puppetools web site which was recently featured in Edutopia magazine. Puppetools is 'play language.'

My journey into Education through play may be a classic example of what can happen when you play with an idea. I believe that Play represents the next new paradigm for Education. It is also the key to opening the learning culture and making it more receptive in order for the paradigm to take hold. The community of teachers that has become part of Puppetools represents the beginnings of the coming shift. Play is normally perceived as appropriate only for young children. My work has effectively dismantled that myth. A visit to the web site will confirm that.

Thank you for bringing play to the attention of your listening audience. Twenty years of research is currently being left out of the national conversation on Education. More discussion on this important human resource will help to change that.


Jeffrey L. Peyton
Founder, Puppetools