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Forms of play have changed a lot over my life, only being eighteen years old I have noticed that sport for me has changed completely. When I was younger, sport was all for fun, it did not matter what you were playing how you were playing, or even if you won. Getting older I only played one sport seriously, not because that’s the only one I was good at, but that’s all I had time for. It started in middle school; I was on the middle school basketball team but at the same time I was on two different soccer teams. Sport for me had changed from play for fun to play for the state championship. So that’s when I dropped to playing only one sport. Soccer had taken over from a one season a year sport to an all year sport. I still had the play time with friends were we would play whatever we wanted but the sport that I loved and most of my friends loved too was soccer. Soccer has changed me form being a person that just wants to go play to a person that is not satisfied if they do not win. I like to win I think everyone does, but it has developed in to every part of my life. I now have to win in everything that I do.