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I took up the sport of snowboarding at age 40 and now, at 54, I have to say that I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve as I eagerly anticipate the first snowfall of winter and, hopefully, many days of play, riding the long white powder wave. I can't think of any activity I've shared with friends, over the course of a lifetime, that has been as much fun!

As a practicing physician, I would not only counsel my patients about the importance of regular exercise, but encouraged them to find an activity that would have the potential to fill them with child-like glee. I am personally convinced that physical activity of this nature has health benefits above and beyond that of most exercise programs. Surely the endorphins associated with joyful play are in a class apart from those produced in the course of physical activity that is perceived as drudgery by the participant.

After 22 years in practice, I felt that I had lost the joy of being a physician and that, for the sake of my own health and happiness as well as the benefit of my patients, it was time for me to find a different path. While I am still in a period of career transition, I'm happy to say that I have made changes that permit me the freedom to snowboard as many days as I'd like. God willing, play will continue to be a priority in my life for as long as possible!