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As children leave home it seems to slow down to a degree in some areas as outdoor games and increase in other areas.
When our family meets we still have silly chase inside the house or with the dog outside.Laugh at eachother silly habits.
My father was big on card games and checkers, really taught me how to think strategically and develop spatial ability.
He made it fun and was patient and playful himself.
The smile and song he had for me as a child really build up my confidence as an individual who felt love is real and is something you give.Like a smile to a stranger or a kind word to the lonely.
As a child I had close friends and we played, no TV was available. I think socially children now do not have enough play time with friends but spend more time indoor.
I love to dance and started to do so alone as a child. Growing up my older cousins will dance with me and I still love to dance.We had music and dances in my home. When I feel sad or lonely I turn the music on and dance...I love to play with small children and I feel I am still a child myself at times.
I am sort of a clown and I think that helps in life. If we take ourself too's time to dance