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Well when I was a toddler I used to play by crashing toy cars into each other, throw random objects, or look at picture books. As I got older though I started to learn games of play from my friends at school or my older brother; games like tag, hide and seek, and duck, duck, goose. Once I hit about 6 I started playing little league football, baseball, and basketball. I played those until junior high. At that point I started playing those sports for my school and in gym class it wasn’t really play anymore. Dodge ball games were intense as we were out to murder the opponent with each throw. High school wasn’t any different. There was no more play in gym or in school sports; there was too much competition to be play. So ever since then the only form of play I still practice is video games I would say. So I would say the forms of play have changed dramatically as I grow older.

I recollect many memories of play from when I was younger it has influenced my life a lot. I remember the how much fun I had in gym class and in little league. I think that it has shaped my personality as well as my professional life. I’m a very playful person. I love sports and love seeing kids enjoy them as well. I think that is why I want to be a gym teacher, because seeing kids experiencing that same joy that I once experienced as a child brings back great memories. I believe that play is a very social thing. I think that if you were younger and went out and played with the neighborhood kids that when you get older you will be a more sociable person. The same affect on the opposite end. I think that if you sat inside playing video games your whole childhood, once you get older is going to be harder to be social.

I think play has changed my life in many factors. I think it helped make me more sociable. I think it shaped my personality and the choice of my career in Physical Education as well.