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Margaret Smith
27 August 2007
PHE 125
Assignment #2
Word Count: 519

Sport has given me a new look on life since a very young age. Sports are a huge part of my life and still I continue playing and being involved at a higher level in college. My memories in sports have pushed to become the athlete I am today and the person as well.

Since I was four, soccer has been in my life as well as the competition that goes along with it. As time went on I have been transferred into a totally different player, by being more aggressive and a smarter player on the field, which is very important in the game of soccer. Soccer forces you to be quick, and make your decisions even before the ball is being played to you forcing you to think ahead, and also being made into a smarter player by learning the game and the simple ways it can be played.

The memories that shaped me into the player I am now would have to be camps, coaches and observations. The camps have given me a new perspective of the game by playing with new players and having new coaches to teach me a new, and maybe even a better way to play the game. The coaches in my life definitely have made me a better player by being there year around for help, also by being able to go to someone who knows you, and who you know which can help you because they know the player you are, and the player you are capable of being on the field. The observations would be attending games and watching them on the televisions. It helps when you watch older and professional players on the field to teach you their style of play, and also learning how many different styles of play are out there and not thinking there is only one way to play the game.

The ways that sport has changed me into the person I am would be getting involved at such a young age. I understand the importance if trying new things in life and how it has made the impact it did. I enjoy the competition, aggressiveness and being able to recollect all my teachings so I can use them to become smarter player on the field. It has made an influence on me to stay around sports during the rest of my life because I enjoy every part of what it is made of. I know that I will never be able to play soccer all my life but I can do my part in teaching other people what I know to help them, and teach them what I know and, they can teach me too. I think this perspective not only applies to soccer but all sports, even though it can be a completely different game and also the way to think about how to play could be completely different, but I think they will all have the same impact if you love the game and everything it is made of.