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The different forms of play have been evolving for many years in multiple ways especially in my lifetime. When I was younger with little to no responsibilities my play time was much different than it is now in college. For instance I never worried about how much time I had to play or where I was going to play. I simply knew dinner and dark were the only times that I had to return to home. As I grew older and entered middle school my play mainly consisted of sports, other friend’s houses, and other social activities. By this age my time to play was not nearly as limited as it is now, and was about equal to when I was younger. Once I entered high school a lot of my free time to play was taken away by homework, sports, work, etc.
Age has changed my play in many different ways especially since playing has always been a big part of my life. Mostly responsibilities have changed and limited my play. Currently my play consists of multiple different sports such as basketball, and occasionally softball as well as relaxing, partying, girls, and friends. I find myself searching for time to play as much as possible where as when I was younger I had all the time in the world to play. Play has changed tremendously throughout my life but no matter the changes play has always occurred to have fun.
I most certainly recollect many of my memories of playing that shape or explain the person I am currently. The ones I can’t remember are most possibly remembered by others or visually seen with a picture. Being that play is definitely one of my favorite aspect of life it shows exactly who I am. Memories with sports explain my competitiveness such as baseball, basketball, football, or any outdoor activity for that matter. All my memories of play all have one attribute in common and that is that when I play; I play to have fun. No matter if I were outside with friends on a basketball court, or in a tournament in another state, it was all to have fun while competing. Professionally I personally think this makes myself easy to work with as well as makes work easier for myself. Play is one of my most important aspects of life, I look for it whenever its there and I’m always trying to find time to spend time “playing”. When I was a child playing was most definitely virtually my most important course of life; I had all the time in the world to play and I spent every moment of it doing so.
Play itself has a major importance in my life each and everyday especially since I don’t have much time to spend doing it. Life revolves around duties, assignments, responsibilities, etc so therefore any moment of the day I’m not attending to those aspects I spend time relaxing, going out with friends, or playing sports competitively. I encourage everyone to play more in their life; honestly I feel play time relaxes you and allows for the mind clear up ultimately aiding you with all the other responsibilities of life. My course of life has changed because of life, my chosen career was chosen because I wanted a job that I respected and felt the most comfortable doing. When I choose my vehicles that I drive I choose the ones I can have the most fun while driving which mostly relates to performance. When its appropriate play changes my choices and assignments in life. Play most definitely changes every form of approach I have going in and out of my everyday life.