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"It's All In The Playing" is a book written by the highly spiritual Shirley MacLaine.

I read it. I got it. I thouroughly understood It. Whatever it is. Name It, Claim It and feed It peanuts.....I knew exactly what Ms. Maclaine wrote about because I had been doing it all my life. Shirley just put it into words. When one does not know one is doing something and then someone comes along and gives it name and professes the same ideology, that's pretty enlightening.

Healthy play is os very important for me.

I know the difference and I control the play.

Physical play teaches healthy aggression and strategy.
Mental play stimulates the mind into quasi illusion, we create and decide which is which.

I adore play.

In these times of constantly amusing ourselves to death with this gadget or that or screen, it helps to have developed a healthy sense of amusement just for ones ownself.

Yes, play is very important for the creative soul, even if you're just playing with yourself. (which has no sexual connotation whatsoever)

Buddahists have adopted this thinking because essentially we compete with our own selves and forego the Western version of competitive play. It baffles a lot of Westerners, but we understand it completely.

That's about all I have to say on the art of playing. And it is an artform. A highly evolved artform at that.