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Scripture records eight Beatitudes. But I believe there is a ninth: Blessed are they who play, for the Lord God Himself will come down, sit on the ground and play with them.
I'm a Catholic nun. I've found the Divine in play; or play in the Divine. Both, actually. On a thirty-day retreat some years ago, I wondered how you could pray all day. How can you think about or talk to God all day? for thirty days! Then I thought of it as a vacation with the Lord. Between the assigned meditations, I imagined myself playing with the Lord, together, like friends, just knocking around, pitching horseshoes, throwing hickory nuts, running barefoot in the meadow, eating oranges on a rail fence. It was intimate and awesome. Accompanying Jesus in his passion was all the more poignant after this, and it sharpened my understanding of the Paschal Mystery--the dying and rising, the mixture of joy and sorrow in life. This retreat helped shape my understanding and relationship with the Divine, and has sustained and delighted me over the years. We still play, and it is still awesome.
Sister Marcia Kruse,asc