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Play is timeless and brings forth the Spirit of wonder so
vital to our being.
I have 6 children and 19 grandchildren.
My husband died at the age of 31.
In those difficult early days, we grieved, but we did not
give up our time for play. I remember the simple act of driving down the road, singing "did you ever see a lassy go this way and that way" as I would carefully sway the car back and forth on an empty country road. The giggles from the back of the station wagon, confirmed what I knew in my heart and soul, we were a whole and holy family.
We would choose life and choose it's abundance of joy.

I am now hearing the timeless giggles of my grandchildren
in my backseat, to the same simple lassie.

My daughter-in-law, Debbie, is our game leader. She has a gift for selecting games and getting us going. When we gather, everyone can't wait to be finished with the meal, so we can play.
We have many memories that bring smiles to our hearts on days when we are apart. Many inside jokes that bond us. I can see the children share the desire to be a part of our family play. Our play increases our wellbeing as individuals and as a family.
On this Labor Day, when my days of work are long or difficult, my Spirit is renewed with the thought that not too far away is another family play date.
Rita Warner
Kent, Ohio