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As a child I enjoyed drawing, walking the beaches of Long Island Sound in Mildford Connecticut, and reading biographies. As an adult, 64, today I paint "from the source" with tempera paints, walk the Arkansas River Park trails in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and write poetry, fiction and non-fiction. I loved poetry as a child and I began writing it in my mid to late forties; I loved to read as a child and still do today. I just finished reading a novel that transported me back to the east coast where I grew up. For three days, I've been immersed in this book, with no other thought during times when I "must" do something than "when I can get back to the novel." When our granddaughters were young, I took such special delight in playing with them, that one of them asked me, "Nana, are you a kid?" In my retirement, I enjoy the free flow of my days, the times when I can choose to play, to take a break from volunteer commitments no matter how noble. It is when I am painting with tempera paints, with no thought of what brush stroke comes next, that I lose all sense of time and am filled with the joy of being alive.