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I keep rediscovering those fly away pieces of my childhood times of playing. They come at me in waves of sensations of being 3,4,and now 5. I have day cared my almost five granddaughter since her birth. She is a lively spirited soul who thinks that the reason I exist is to play with her. I am a task oriented kind of person and 'playing' was something my husband had been good at with our children were younger. He'd roll on the floor with them, say silly things, and encorage them to play with the dog. While day caring my granddaughter it occured to me that I didn't know how to play. She taught me. Be Here Now, Make up things, and Play it again. I soon began to play my own games and started writing getting lost and taken away in the delight of tossing letters around on a screen. I wrote a book, PLAY WIT ME NANA. (Looking for a publisher) I began playing with blogging. Blogging is one of my favorite games. My granddaughter opened up a whole new part of my brain. Play has made excited about each day! It is a healing and whole place. Connie