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Play has not really changed over time for me. I still love the same things I loved as a child. Snowmen, kites, picnics, laughing, sand castles,and star hikes.
Just recently I had the chance to spend hours in the snow on Easter day making large snow bunnies with my son and my two young nephews. We also created a snow couch ("snouch") and a snow chair ("Snair") and other snow furniture.
It was a delightful day of play and we created sustainable memories. (I have pictures I can send)

I am the person I am today because of a childhood sense of wonder and play. My mother was rather orderly in some ways but she was also spontaneous and unique in her ability to play. Most play I remember was outside and it involved a picnic or an adventure of some sort. Some of the play was funny - like running down the street with a manaquine and putting it at people's doors, ringing the door bell and hiding.

The memories I have from my childhood directly effect how I raise my children and my love for wonder, awe and laughter.

Play has influenced my approach to life significantly. I try to bring joy into every aspect of my life. Everything can be fun and involve play - even work. I love to bring out the playfullness in others. I am also sensitive to the extreme stress and opression people seem to accumulate.

I oversee a summer camp and that is a fabulous arena for play. Last year we had a Fairy tale party and everyone had to come as a character from a fairy tale. We had children and elderly together. Our youngest was 8 and our oldest fairy Godmother was 85 years old. Everyone had a playful day with joy and laughter.

I have a daughter with a disability and she is a sense of joy for me. She is playful and childlike in someways but also profoundly kind and truthful. She connects with the playful spirit in others. Even when she was born and I found out that she had a disability I wanted to continue to enjoy life and enjoy her. I was terrified that her disability would steal that from our life and so I protected the joy by playing and having fun.

Life is too short not to play!
Last summer I went to a Humor Conference and it was so wonderful to be with likeminded individuals that I vow to go every year!
Play is the healthiest thing I do!!